Fat Burners For Men

Fat burners for men help speed up and support rapid weight loss through a variety of means. They can also boost energy, blood flow, satiety, and improve gym performance. 

To yield optimal results, fat burners for men are best combined with a healthy diet and an effective workout routine.


1. Instant Knockout

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Formulated with 10 potent fat burning ingredients, including green tea extract, cayenne pepper seeds, and glucomannan, Instant Knockout will melt fat like taking a blowtorch to butter.

You’ll find no fillers, additives, or dangerous chemicals here – just science-backed, fat-burning magic. Healthtrends #1 choice for men, by a landslide.

2. PhenQ

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This fat burner blends 5 powerful weight loss methods into one pill, allowing you to lose the weight rapidly and keep it off permanently. 

PhenQ is also designed to boost your energy and improve your mood, preventing the energy dips from crash diets and low calorie marathons.

3. Hunter Burn

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While losing muscle is common with cutting phases, the 6 key ingredients found inside Hunter Burn help maintain your hard earned muscle while slashing fat at lightning speed.

All ingredients are 100% natural and designed to help limit insomnia and jitters.

4. Phoenix by Legion Athletics

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Phoenix by Legion Athletics is 100% natural and free of any caffeine or other hardcore stimulants.

It’s clinically backed ingredients help to increase your metabolic rate by amplifying fat-burning chemicals, while reducing cravings. 

5. Lean-XT

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Lean-XT includes some of the most powerful thermo-fat burning ingredients to melt fat, suppress appetite, and improve your mood. 

It’s also keto-friendly, which is fairly rare among supplements.

6. Vintage Burn

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The appetite suppressing and muscle-protecting ingredients in this fat burner will keep you in shape even if you’ve taken some time off from the gym. 

It also includes ingredients that help to increase your mental focus, mood, and energy levels. 

7. LeanMode WeightLoss Support 

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This fat burner is loaded with green coffee bean extract, to help melt stubborn fat at the source .

LeanMode also contains CLA for energy and acetylcarnitine to support exercise performance. 

8. Trans4orm Fat Burner

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This advanced thermogenic fat burner supports fat loss, energy levels, appetite, metabolism, and mental focus.

It’s a great choice for intense bodybuilders that are deep into a cut.

9. alli Weight Loss Diet Pills  

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Alli helps you block 25% of the fats you absorb, making weight loss almost effortless.

There have been quite a few unpleasant side effects though, which is why it ranked so low on our list.

Who Should Buy A Fat Burner for Men? 

Fat burners for men can be taken by both genders, but are specifically tailored to the needs of men. Severely overweight men and those who are bodybuilding will see the greatest results. Like most weight loss pills, fat burners for men will work best when used in conjunction with a healthy exercise and diet regimen. 

Fat burners for men that contain excessive stimulants can be dangerous for some people – especially those with blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues. As such, men who fall into this category should either go with a stimulant free fat burner, or avoid them altogether.

Men looking to conceive a child may want to steer clear of fat burners, as some ingredients may have a negative impact on sperm motility and erection quality. Diabetics should also avoid them as they may cause blood sugar issues. Always speak to a doctor beforehand if you are unsure or are taking any sort of prescription medication.

How We Ranked

When ranking the best fat burners for men, we first looked at the ingredients. In the past, some fat burners have had illegal and dangerous ingredients – which is big no no for us. For our rankings, we preferred only products that included clinically-backed ingredients that are proven to be both safe and effective for male specific fat loss. This included ingredients such as caffeine, 5-HTP, and yohimbine.

Controlling your appetite is imperative for weight loss, which is why we rewarded supplements like PhenQ that included potent satiety inducing ingredients. The best fat burners also help speed up your metabolism. Instant Knockout both speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite, which is why it was ranked #1. 

It’s common to lose muscle when you’re in a fat-burning state, which is why we included fat burners that included ingredients to preserve lean muscle. Crazy Mass Cutting Stack appeared in our top 5 because of its potent ability to protect your muscle while still slashing fat. Lean-XT has a similar effect, thus it followed closely behind. 

Lastly, we looked for stimulants. While they can be dangerous, the right amount of stimulants can absolutely crush your appetite and melt fat like butter in a microwave. For our rankings, we looked for a happy medium between effectiveness and dose – steering clear of any aggressive or more experimental ingredients.


Fat burners for men can help with weight loss. Fat burners contain certain ingredients primed to help the body lose weight: such as l-carnitine, green tea, conjugated linoleic acid, forskolin, chromium, yohimbe, glucomannan, and raspberry ketones. Supplements like these have all been shown to have efficacy, especialy when combined with a proper exercise and diet routine (1).

Another powerful fat burner for men is caffeine, which increases your metabolic rate and the fat-burning process. Caffeine also provides your body with a host of other benefits, such as improving your memory, energy, focus, and cognitive functioning. One meta-analysis looking at the effects caffeine had on weight loss found that caffeine successfully supports weight loss though variety of pathways (2).

Another meta-analysis showed green tea to have similar effects on weight loss (3). Catechins and antioxidants are abundant in green tea, and they burn fat and boost your metabolism. Green tea also improves your blood flow and lowers your cholesterol, which are key components of a healthy body.

Fat burners for men can help burn fat. Yohimbine is a common herb found in some fat burners, helping to promote weight loss and blood flow. Because of its improved circulation benefit, it’s a common supplement men use to treat erectile dysfunction. In one study, 20 top-level male soccer players demonstrated a significant decrease in body fat after yohimbine supplementation (4).

Another 2011 study showed that far burners can specifically induce metabolism-enhancing effects, leading to successful fat loss (5). 

Fat burners also help improve performance in the gym, which can lead to added muscle mass. This leads to a secondary metabolic boosting effect since the more muscle mass you have, the better your metabolism functions. 

Fat burners for men can improve energy. As you age, your energy levels, among other healthy bodily functions, start to deteriorate. A 2013 study investigated 6 male and 6 female subjects who were physically active and moderate caffeine consumers. They received many of the same ingredients, such as green tea extract, that are common in fat burners.

The study showed that the thermogenic effect from the supplements increased resting energy expenditure, indicating more energy expenditure without any other factors (6).

Fat burners for men can enhance focus and concentration. Research shows that thermogenic supplements not only give you an energy boost, but can also support better focus and concentration (7). That’s because caffeine, one of the main thermogenic ingredients, also helps to improve focus. Increasing your focus means you’ll have more concentration at the gym, leading to more improvements in your body composition. 

Fat burners for men can suppress appetite. Suppressing your appetite is crucial for long-term weight loss. That’s because the hungrier you are, the more you’re likely to eat, and not needing to eat makes losing weight much easier. 

Caffeine and other fat burning ingredients help increase your serotonin levels and decrease ghrelin. Combined, these help support improved satiety levels.

Fat burners for men can increase your resting metabolic rate. Increasing your metabolic rate is imperative for long-term weight loss. If you increase your resting metabolic rate, you increase the number of calories you burn at rest. Put frankly, you can burn more weight while lying on the couch doing nothing with a higher metabolic rate. 

One way to increase your metabolic rate is to build more muscle. Building muscle makes your body require more energy, aka calories, to keep it functioning. Since fat burners can make a great pre-workout, they are a good supplement to take to build more muscle. 

Aside from increasing your lean muscle mass, taking the right supplement can aid this as well. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published an article in 2016 examining the effects a fat loss supplement had on 10 resistance-trained male participants. According to the research, the participants resting metabolic rate significantly increased (8). 

Another 2016 study involving 13 female participants showed a  substantially increased resting metabolic rate from the consumption of a single-dose thermogenic supplement (9). 

Fat burners for men may help speed up your metabolism. The slower your metabolism is the more fat you’ll store. However, the faster your metabolism is the more fat you’ll burn. A study issued in 2010 found that green tea catechins and caffeine produce thermogenesis and fat oxidation, which play a big role in speeding up your metabolism (10). 

Fat burners for men can increase your core temperature. As your body’s temperature increases, so does your metabolism and caloric expenditure. Research shows that thermogenics can increase your daily energy expenditure to help you effortlessly burn more calories throughout the day (11). 

Side Effects

Fat burners for men can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Stimulants found in fat burners can increase your pulse, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Since fat burners speed up your metabolism, they can lead to your heart pumping excessively fast, causing a rise in blood pressure. This can be dangerous for some men, which is why you should proceed with caution before taking any fat burning supplement.

Fat burners for men can cause insomnia. It’s best to take fat burners in the morning since a the increase in heat production and energy can lead to restlessness and trouble falling asleep.

Fat burners for men can cause organ damage. Some fat burners used contain harmful substances, such as the original Hydroxycut, which is dangerous for your kidneys, livers, and other vital organs. Although the original Hydroxycut is banned, other fat burners can lead to unwanted problems with your liver. Always stick with trusteed manufactures when choosing a fat burner for men.

Fat burners for men can cause constipation, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The ingredients most fat burners carry could lead to stomach issues and bowel movement problems. Depending on your body’s sensitivity to certain ingredients, it may have an adverse reaction to certain formulas, which is why you should always start at a lower dose.

Fat burners for men may cause nausea and headaches. The slight increase in blood pressure and stimulant effect from fat burners could cause you to feel nauseous and develop a headache. Discontinue your fat burner use if you start to have nausea or headaches.

Recommended Dosage

Depending on the fat burner you choose, your dosage may vary. Make sure to read the directions carefully so that you take the recommended amount based on the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

The best time to take a fat burner is in the morning. This helps your metabolism wake up and burn fat all day long. In addition, taking  fat burner at night can lead to insomnia issues – a big reason why they are strongly avoided at night.

To maximize fat loss, take a fat burner right before or near your workout. The fat burning ingredients can help increase your workout performance and burn more calories. 


Do fat burners for men really work? Yes, fat burners can work. They are scientifically proven to speed up your metabolism and increase caloric burn – leading to weight loss. While many marketing companies will preach the opposite, fat burners alone aren’t good enough to get to your desired body fat. They’re the icing on the cake but shouldn’t come before a proper diet and exercise regime.

Are fat burners for men dangerous? Generally speaking, fat burners are not dangerous for men. Only fat burners that aren’t from trusted sources or contain harmful substances, can be dangerous. We made sure to omit those from our list above. Fat burners can cause certain side effects though, such as diarrhea and headaches, so it’s best to consult with your doctor before taking any. If you are taking any medication, they may also interfere with their absorption, something that you may need to be careful about.

What are the best fat burners for men? Depending on what your specific goal is and what you’re looking for will determine which fat burner is the best for you. For example, if you’re over 50, Phoenix is the probably best fat burner for you, since it contains powerful science backed ingredients to help push fat loss to the limit. 

If you want something more natural, Hunter Burn is our top choice. PhenQ is the best thermogenic fat burner and can quickly incinerate any fat with its thermogenic ability. If preserving muscle is important to you, we recommend Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. 

Do fat burners for men target belly fat? While fat burners for men don’t directly target belly fat, they do help promote total body fat loss including from around the belly. For belly fat specifically, Instant Knockout is a great choice, since it has 10 of the most powerful fat burners and key ingredients to speed up your metabolism and get rid of stubborn belly fat. Combining strength training and being in a caloric deficit is another crucial component to combine with a quality fat burner if you’re serious about losing weight. 

Do fat burners for men cause issues? Common side effects of fat burners are increased heart rate and blood pressure, sleeplessness, nausea, and constipation. It’s best to take fat burners with food to avoid an upset stomach. Consult with your doctor before taking a fat burner to make sure you’re in a healthy condition to take them. 

Do fat burners for men burn muscle? Some fat burners for men do burn muscle because when you lose weight, you naturally lose muscle. However, there are some fat burners for men, such as Crazy Mass Stack, that help preserve your lean muscle even when dropping weight. Lean-XT is another quality fat burner that praises its ability to protect lean muscle. 

Can fat burners for men cause liver damage? Fat burners for men can cause liver damage if it contains dangerous ingredients. That’s why we recommend you talk to your doctor about taking a fat burner before you decide to take one.

Can fat burners for men cause heart attacks? Since fat burners can increase your heart rate, they could lead to a heart attack. Although this is unlikely to happen, it’s best to talk to a physician before taking one.

Is the green tea considered a fat burner? Yes, green tea has proven to be an efficient aid in fat loss. It’s is loaded with antioxidants that improve your brain function, increases fat loss, protects against cancer, and lowers your risk for heart disease. Green tea also contains catechins, which is a potent antioxidant responsible for burning fat and speeding up your metabolism. 

Are fat burners for men safe? Fat burners do have some side effects that can occur from taking them, but they are relatively safe. Fat burners’ side effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure, sleeplessness, kidney problems, liver damage, rectal bleeding, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and headaches. 

Should you take fat burners for men? If you’re a man trying to lose weight and burn fat, yes, you should take fat burners for men if you are healthy. Fat burners can help speed up weight loss, improve your energy, enhance your focus, and decrease your appetite.

What are the best fat burners for men to build muscle as well? Crazy Mass Stack is the best fat burner for men for building muscle. It’s filled with compounds that build muscle and increase strength.

Do fat burners for men reduce muscle mass? Although it’s common to lose muscle mass while losing weight, some fat burners for men are specifically designed to preserve your lean muscle mass during intense dieting and cardio. 

What are the best fat burners for men on the market? All of the fat burners that made our list are the best ones on the market. Our number one ranked fat burner, Instant Knockout, is the best fat burner overall. However, some fat burners are better suited for different individuals. Phoenix is the best fat burner for men over 50 since it helps speed up their slowing metabolism drastically. PhenQ is the best thermogenic fat burner since its ability to heat your metabolism increases its metabolic speed. 

How can I lose my belly overnight with fat burners for men? You can’t lose your belly overnight with fat burners for men, but you can lose your belly over time with a quality fat burner, especially if you combine it with exercise and diet. 

Strength training has been proven to give your body a bunch of benefits for fat loss, and diet is the most important thing you can do to lose fat, but a fat burner is the cherry on top to burn more calories and kickstart your metabolism. 

What are fat burners for men? Fat burners for men are supplements that men take to lose weight. They also provide men with an array of other benefits, such as increased energy and better focus. 

How do fat burners for men work? Fat burners for men have special ingredients in them that enhance men’s total daily energy expenditure, the number of calories you burn throughout the day. The more calories men are burning through the day, the more weight and fat they end up losing. 

What are thermogenic fat burners for men? Thermogenic fat burners for men refers to thermogenesis, which is your body’s increase in body temperature. 

Are there any natural burning foods found in fat burners for men? Green tea, coffee, and red peppers are all-natural foods you can find in fat burners for men. Green tea has antioxidants that help your body burn fat. Coffee contains caffeine which is an efficient fat burner. Peppers such as cayenne and capsaicin are both effective ingredients to reduce your appetite and speed up your metabolism. 

Green tea and cayenne pepper seeds can be found in our highest-ranked fat burner, Instant Knockout. 

Do I need to take fat burners for men? You don’t need to take fat burners for men, but if you want an edge when it comes to fat loss, then you’ll want to consider trying out an effective fat burner. Fat burners don’t only help men lose weight by increasing their daily energy expenditure, but they increase their energy and focus as well. This leads to better workouts that can then be used to pack on muscle. 

Do fat burners for men affect sperm? Depending on what fat burner you get will determine if your fat burner will affect your sperm count. If you take one containing L-citrulline, then it could increase your sperm count. 

Can fat burners for men make you stronger? Fat burners for men don’t directly make you stronger, however, the increased energy they give you can be utilized in the gym to push yourself harder on weights. This will make you stronger because the heavier weights you lift, the stronger you get.

Some supplements like Lean Mode Weight loss contain CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which helps your body preserve lean muscle mass. Keeping your lean muscle mass will make you stronger once you’re at your ideal weight. 

Do fat burners for men give you energy? Yes, fat burners for men contain ingredients like green tea extract that give your body energy. 

Do fat burners for men give you more endurance? Yes, fat burners can increase your endurance because they contain endurance increasing components, such as beta-alanine and caffeine. 

Also, they do give you more energy, which can be used to push past any plateaus on endurance training. 

Do fat burners for men increase your testosterone? Some fat burners for men can increase your testosterone since they contain testosterone supporting ingredients, like vitamin D. Hunter Burn, our top 3 ranking fat burner and best ranking natural fat burner, has vitamin D which has been proven to increase testosterone. 

What are the best supplements to take with fat burners for men? The best fat burners to take with fat burners for men are supplements that support stress levels and protein because fat burners can increase your stress hormone, cortisol, and reduce your muscle mass. 

Omega-3 fish oils, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc are all-powerful ingredients that can reduce your cortisol levels. Omega-3 reduces your inflammation, magnesium and vitamin D decreases your blood pressure, and zinc can regulate your hunger. And taking a quality whey protein supplement is a good option to protect your muscle while you lose fat since protein is the building block of muscle. 

Can I take fat burners for men with other supplements? It depends on what supplements you are planning on taking fat burners with. For example, if you plan on taking caffeine and yohimbine, you need to be careful because many fat burners already contain these ingredients. 

Are fat burners for men the same as fat burners for women? While they have the same goal, these products differ in a few different areas. First off, fat burners for women usually contain lower doses of the same ingredients. This is to protect them from overdose. They also tend to contain less stimulants since their bodies can’t handle them as well. Fat burners for woman also contain more appetite suppressing ingredients, since women tend to have a harder time dealing with the munchies.

Are fat burners for men approved by the FDA? No, fat burners for men are not approved by the FDA. This, however, doesn’t mean they’re unsafe to take. It’s simply a reflection of the entire supplement industry, which is completely unregulated by the FDA. This is why it’s so important to take supplements that are made by a reputable company.

However, there is one weight loss supplement on this list that is FDA approved – Alli. This is a milder form of its prescription parent-drug Xenical. However, due to its side effects, its not recommend to take.

Should children take fat burners for men? Due to the potency of most fat burners for men, children should not take them unless otherwise directed by a medical professional. Even with approval, you should start with a low dose and titrate up.

Why does the fat burner for men, Alli, have so many side effects? One of the reasons Alli has so many side effects is because it blocks the absorption of fat molecules in your intestines. This tends to cause a lot of digestive distress, in addition to oily poo since the fat comes out undigested.

Are fat burners for men tested? Not all fat burners for men are tested for purity. In fact, very few are – which is a reason why there have been a lot of issue sin the past with the safety of fat burners. We decided to only include companies that did extensive testing on their products to ensure safety and efficacy.


Fat burners for men can help burn extra calories and support healthy weight loss. They mainly work by increasing men’s daily energy expenditure, increasing the number of calories they burn over time. Fat burners can also boost men’s focus and improve gym performance.

Although fat burners can help promote weight loss, they’re best taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and proper workout regimen. 

For Healthtrends #1 recommended fat burner for men, click here.

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