Stem Cell Supplements

Stem cell supplements are usually composed of natural materials and ingredients that helps support your body’s stem cells.

Stem cells, which can be easily described as the body’s building blocks or raw-material cells, are the cells responsible for all healing and growth processes in the body (1).

Best Stem Cell Supplements

1. Actif Stem Cell Mega Support

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Actif Stem Cell Mega Support is one of the most complete and advanced formulas on the market, using 15 factors to support stem cell growth and decrease DNA damage. It has been clinically proven to support stem cell renewal, boost cognitive function, and assist in circulation while decreasing the signs of aging and offering regeneration to your system.

Their enhanced formula includes L-carnosine for neurons, L-leucine to boost muscles and prevent fatigue, organic methylfolate to enhance the metabolism of cells. Actif Stem Cell Mega Support is also non-GMO, gluten free, and made in the USA, in GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified facilities. For these reasons, it’s our #1 pick.

2. Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray

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Stem Cell Worx Intra-oral Spray, is formulated by scientists and biochemists to activate your own adult stem cells instead of inserting new ones. The spray provides a 95% absorption rate versus the 20% average from pills and capsules. Over 50% of this product is protein and it has one of the highest content formulas on the market in terms of natural immune factors.

It’s manufactured in the USA using GMP certified facilities that have been inspected and approved by the FDA. When it comes to independent clinical studies, this product has several to back up its claims (which can be found on the company’s website).

3. Enzymedica Stem XCell Antioxidant Support for Cellular Renewal

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Enzymedica Stem XCell is a potent, research-backed formula that is designed to help boost and protect your stem cells from free radicals. This formula contains powerful stem cell supporting ingredients including glutathione, SOD, and alpha-lipoic acid along with 6 more enzymes that are designed to enhance the effectiveness and potency of the pure Stem XCell formula.

Their patented NT020 blend has been studied extensively and proven to promote health and growth in your body’s cells.  Enzymedica Stem XCell contains no fillers and is vegetarian friendly. The company also supports the Autism Hope Alliance, Vitamin Angels, and Green Mountain Energy.

4. Enzyme Science Stem XCell Pro

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Enzyme Science Stem XCell Pro includes antioxidants like green tea, red wine, and blueberry in a special and powerful formula that helps boost immune and cellular health while preventing oxidative damage from free radicals. This product is designed with a patented NT-020 blend that was developed by researchers and scientists and studied for the ability to maintain and produce stem cells.

Enzyme Science Stem XCell Pro contains no egg, soy, yeast, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, casein, potato, rice, corn, wheat, nuts, artificial colors, or flavors. It is also gluten free and doesn’t use any ingredients that are produced using biotechnology. 

5. Nu-Derm Cell Biotic Complete Complex

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Nu-Derm Cell Biotic Complete Complex offers powerful gastrointestinal and anti-aging support for older adults through the use of. DE111TM, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus casei, and more.

Each capsule contains 5.75 billion probiotic bacteria that will help improve your digestive health without a prescription. Nu-Derm Cell Biotic Complete Complex is made in the USA and manufactured using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

6. Regenexx 8 in 1 Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula

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Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula has an 8 in 1 regenerative formula that can help your joint mobility. This supplement is tested in vitro using real human mesenchymal stem cells. The laboratory studies showed that these supplements help to maintain a healthy cell environment thanks to the special formula.

Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula is one of the rare stem cell supplements that is drinkable and comes in delicious flavors like strawberry and banana.

7. Healthycell AC-11 Supplement and DNA Repair Extract

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Healthycell AC-11 repairs your DNA using Amazonian Uncaria tomentosa, Cat’s claw, and other natural ingredients.  Over 40 peer-reviewed studies and nearly 20 years of research have backed this supplement up and it has 10 US patents.

Healthycell AC-11  isvertically integrated, sustainably sourced, located from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest origin, and extracted in Brazil. It has no preservatives, no fillers, no flow agents, and no GMOs.

8. BioXcell Stem Cell Enhancer

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BioXcell Stem Cell Enhancer is 100% AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) with blue green algae. This natural product has been shown to provide a variety of fantastic benefits for your health.

It helps regenerate your DNA, restore broken stem cells and increase adult cell metabolism, decrease intestinal problems, and keeps your mental health boosted as you have improved cognition and memory.

9. Digestacute Autoimmune-X Advanced Formula

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Digestacute Autoimmune-X Advanced Formula is recommended by some of the nation’s most respected immune restoration practitioners, including Dr. C. Nomal Shealy, who is the President of the American Holistic Medical Association. It is organically grown and does not contain any soy, GMO’s, fillers, L-glutamine, and other ingredients.

Digestacute Autoimmune-X Advanced Formula is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. 

10. Stem Vida StemAlive

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Stem Vida StemAlive is made in the USA and is 100% natural, non-stimulating and caffeine free. Stem Vida StemAlive rejuvenates your your stem cells and repairs your tissues and organs.  

How We Rank

The first thing we looked at, when formulating our rankings for the best stem cell supplements, was the clinical trials. If a product was not backed by clinical trial data, it did not meet our purity requirement and was thus axed. All of the products on our list are independently tested and examined by scientists. In the case of Healthycell, over 2 decades of clinical study has gone into ensuring this product was safe and effective.

Another requirement we looked at was the ingredients. Making sure that the ingredients were all natural and pure, while still being potent, was very important. Organic and biologically sourced ingredients, like those found in Actif Stem Cell Mega Support and Digestacute Autoimmune-X Advanced Formula, are crucial when it comes to healthy and reliable stem cell supplements.

We also looked at the manufacturing process. Many low-quality supplements will come from China, which can be damaging and even dangerous to one’s health – especially when something as potent as stem cells are involved. It was important to us that products only originated from the USA and were manufactured in certified labs. You’ll find on our list that Stem Cell Worx was manufactured in an FDA-certified lab, and Enzymedica is manufactured in GMP-certified labs, among others.

Another thing we looked at was the cost. Stem cell supplements can be costly, especially ones with quality materials. However, the supplement industry has a bad habit of creating 10-20x markups, so we know that very expensive supplements are not necessarily always the best. As such, we tried to balance our rankings between price, quality, and affordability to ensure everyone was able to afford stem cell supplements.


1. Stem cell supplements can favorably alter gene expression. This translates to regulating and lowering the possibility of cells replicating in error. Gene expression is given a chance to mutate positively or harmfully each time that a cell divides. By taking stem cell supplements, you can tip the scales in your favor and lessen the chance that stem cells will divide poorly (2).

In addition, stem cell supplements can also help your stem cells replicate more frequently (3).

Because the stem cells are positively linked with a reduction in the signs of aging, causing your stem cells to replicate more often will lead to a better aging process, fewer side effects associated with aging, and overall better quality of life.

Having more stem cells can lead to looking and feeling younger for a more extended time. Stem cells are directly related to an adult body’s ability to heal from injury and natural degradation as a result of telomere shortening, otherwise known as aging.

2. The stem sell supplement vitamin D can support those who have multiple sclerosis. As an autoimmune disease that hinders the ability of nerve cells to send signals from one place to another, multiple sclerosis is thought to be currently incurable. However, vitamin D supplementation may possess the ability to reverse nerve cell damage caused by multiple sclerosis (4).

While this is not technically curing multiple sclerosis, this does offer victims of the autoimmune disease a fighting chance and can potentially extend their lifespan to natural levels so they can live out the rest of their life normally. In addition, it may provide patients with enough time for a cure to be found in the future.

3. Certain stem cell supplements may improve stem cells in the brain. During one study, animals were provided with blueberry, vitamin D, green tea, and carnosine as stem cell supplements. This resulted in a reduction of inflammatory effects, such as pro-inflammatory cytokines, that improved brain function and health overall (5).

In addition, this indicates that nutritional supplements can improve the overall environment for brain stem cells and lower the risk that they will change into sick or diseased cells in the future. As functioning stem cells are directly related to greater overall health, particularly when it comes to neurological function, this indicates that better brain health can safely be attributed as a benefit to stem cell supplements.

A healthier brain is already at a lower risk of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases in the future (6).

In this way, stem cell supplements can be seen as effective agents which reduce the likelihood of a person developing a neurodegenerative disease.

4. Stem cells supplements can provide improved cognitive and memory function. A study during which certain animals were provided with various nutritional supplements showed that sufficient supplementation could cause the proliferation of new stem cells (7).

This is likely due to an increase in overall healthy brain cells as described above but is specific enough that it warrants its own attention. Memory loss is a major concern for anyone leaving middle-age. Taking good nutritional supplements to assist with stem cell reproduction and function is a good way to combat this effect.

5. Stem cell supplements can lead to increased energy and endurance. As stem cells are chiefly responsible for the restoration of the body, those who supplement their stem cells with the right nutritional additives can expect greater recovery time from workouts and greater energy reserves to draw upon during times of stress or excess energy release (8).

This effect can allow people to build muscle more quickly or remain fit for longer; even as they start to ascend in age. The body’s physical capabilities naturally decline as it grows older, but increased stem cell production can truncate this effect or delay it for longer than normal. This can lead to improved physical ability and function.

6. Stem cell supplements can provide faster recovery times from injuries or sicknesses. Those who suffer from chronic illnesses or from major bodily injuries can expect faster recovery times if they have an excess of stem cells (9).

Because stem cells are responsible for physical repair, having extra cells may lead to quicker overall recovery time and fewer long-term side effects as a result of the initial injury. In addition, a plethora of reparative stem cells can lead to fewer mistakes during the healing process or a better healing process in general.

While certain major injuries have a tendency to cause permanent damage or lower function depending on injury location, excess stem cells, bolstered by a good nutritional environment, may result in near-perfect healing of the wounded area. This effect has applications for cancer patients or victims of regular physical trauma from everyday accidents.

7. Stem cells supplements may delay the onset of aging. Regular aging side effects, ranging from common symptoms like the wrinkling of the skin to serious problems like diseases that affect the elderly, may be truncated or reduced thanks to healthy stem cell abundance.

Taking stem cell supplements will make your stem cells more plentiful and more effective in general. Both of these will result in a gentler aging process than is normal. Although stem cells cannot stop the aging process permanently, lessening the negative aspects of growing older will allow people to enjoy their later years more fully and allow them to maintain healthy lifestyles for longer. In many cases, aging side effects are exacerbated as older people become less active or stop making healthy choices as a result of chronic pain or discomfort. By remaining healthy for longer, this potentially destructive loop is delayed as well.

8. Stem cell supplements can lead to more effective stem cell activity, preventing the body from being as vulnerable to certain illnesses. The human body is naturally under attack from various viruses and other diseases at all times. While the immune system is normally quite effective at keeping out these potential threats, minor damage incurred from daily activity or normal cell replication can breach these defenses.

Having help from your stem cells can allow these gaps to be closed more quickly and lessen the chances of various viruses infiltrating a bodily system. While stem cells cannot directly stop diseases from entering a body, they can promote a greater immune response and a faster recovery time in the events that it does become infected (10).

9. Stem cell supplements can promote healthy weight due to the body’s greater ability to maintain itself. It is still important to maintain a good exercise routine and dietary guidelines, but many people struggle with staying within a healthy weight range even when keeping these factors in consideration.

Stem cells already work to keep a healthy body in a homeostatic condition, where will function most optimally. Boosting the number of stem cells in the bloodstream beyond their regular number will improve this effect and make it harder for your body to fall out of balance (11).

In addition, stem cells’ ability to improve muscle growth will allow for easier exercise improvements and consistency (12). Because stem cells passively boost overall energy, keeping up a healthy exercise routine will be more achievable for many people. 

Combined with a good exercise routine and smart nutritional practices, lots of people can experience a body within a healthy weight much more easily.

10. Stem cells improved through supplements can help increase alertness. Research shows that stem cells that grow healthily and in good environments, boost brain function and cognitive effectiveness, this directly translates to a better attention span and greater alertness (13).

The possible uses for improved attention span and alertness are limitless. People suffering from chronic fatigue or who have to work a job during the nighttime hours can benefit from being more awake and being able to think more clearly than before. This can be particularly effective for professions such as doctors for emergency response personnel, where their jobs and the lives of others often depend on their alertness levels.

Greater attention span can also assist people who suffer from attention-based disorders, such as ADD, who may face greater challenges in life due to their condition.

Side Effects

1. Stem cell supplements may be harmful for the liver. Stem cell supplements which use blue-green algae as one of their key ingredients may impose certain side effects on their users (14).

While most people should be able to take blue-green algae without worry, some blue-green algae products may contain certain contaminants that can damage the liver. These negative components can be things like harmful bacteria, certain toxic metals, or microcystins.

2. Children should not take stem cell supplements in any form but especially those which contain blue-green algae. Children are generally more sensitive to blue-green algae products and may react negatively to ingesting or absorbing the substance in any way (15).

3. Stem cell supplements can cause IBS like symptoms. If contaminated blue-green algae are consumed by a supplement user, they may experience liver damage, weakness, rapid heartbeat, shock, thirst, vomiting, nausea, or stomach pain. More extreme reactions may result in death, so it is critical that anyone considering taking a stem cell supplement product ensures that the product uses cleared and contamination-free blue-green algae. 

4. Women who are pregnant should avoid blue-green algae stem cell supplementation products due to the unforeseen side effects that stem cell production may have on an unborn fetus. Pregnant women already have more stem cells in their body due to the developing baby in their uterus and adding more stem cells to this process may complicate factors or lead to unforeseen developments that can cause negative health effects for either the mother or the child (16).

5, Finally, all boosts to stem cell production can inadvertently cause cancer, even in people that have not developed cancer in their life. The inherent risk of stem cells is that they can become any type of cell at all, including cancer cells (17).

Those with a family history of cancer should be careful when considering taking a stem cell supplement as this may increase their chances of developing cancer inadvertently.

Recommended Dosage

Most stem cell supplements are taken either pill or spray form. Regardless of whichever method is used, dosages should not go above 500 mg taken twice daily, or 1000 mg in total per day. Depending on the exact product used, some stem cell supplements will have all of this limit reached with a single pill or tablet while others will require two or three tablets or capsules to reach 500-1000 mg.

Sprays are somewhat different. Recommended dosage varies by product and is harder to measure due to the application method used. However, users should avoid spraying too much of the supplement on to their skin at any one time. This will prevent oversaturation of compounds (such as blue-green algae) in the body and give the body time to adapt to the improvement of its stem cells.


How long does it take for stem cell supplements to work? The length of time between supplement administration and results varies greatly from product to product. This is because every person’s stem cells are unique and will respond to boosting from supplementation differently. However, stem cell production occurs all the time, so results should not take very long to experience in some capacity.

What does stem cell pills do? Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional, or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives.

Does fasting increase stem cells? Yes, MIT researchers have found that fasting dramatically improves stem cells’ ability to regenerate, in both aged and young mice.

Where do stem cells come from? Stem cells that are boosted by supplements come from bone marrow or other organs which may possess “stem cell niches” (18). These niches are where reparative stem cells reside in advance of damage for a particular organ or part of the body. In this way, stem cells are always around where they are needed to begin the healing process.

How long do stem cells live? Some stem cells have lasted five months and others for more than three years.

Do supplements create new stem cells? No. Stem cells are technically never truly replicated. This is because stem cells transform into the cells required for correct healing and restoration of damaged tissue (19).

Therefore, stem cells don’t really replicate: they produce new cells which then perform the required task to ensure bodily health. New stem cells are made in the bone marrow or in stem cell niches throughout various internal organs or tissues (20).

Stem cell supplements boost stem cells by improving their effectiveness or creating positive environments where they can flourish and remain healthier for longer. Stem cells that are more effective have greater health benefits on the body, which is why supplements are effective. 

Do stem cell supplements and therapy work for back pain? Yes, stem cell therapy may have the potential to be an alternative to invasive spine surgery.

Are stem cell supplements safe? Stem cell supplements do not have negative side effects as of yet. There have been no recorded medical issues as a result of ingesting or absorbing stem cell supplements. However, stem cells may cause cancer on their own, so promoting stem cell growth and activity may cause cancer down the road.

Overall, stem cell supplements by themselves are not dangerous or harmful. Children should not take stem cell supplements due to their developmental progress and an increase in possible side effects.

Does insurance pay for stem cell supplements and therapy? Medicare also does not cover stem cell injections. To be clear, proven bone marrow transplants/hematopoietic stem cell therapies such as for leukemia, which are established therapies covered by insurance, are a different story.

How long can you live after a stem cell transplant? A stem cell transplant may help you live longer. In some cases, it can even cure blood cancers. About 50,000 transplantations are performed yearly, with the number increasing 10% to 20% each year. More than 20,000 people have now lived five years or longer after having a stem cell transplant.

Does radiation kill stem cells? Radiation therapy and chemotherapy aimed at killing cancer cells may have the undesirable effect of helping to create cancer stem cells, which are thought to be particularly adept at generating new tumors and are especially resistant to treatment, researchers say.

How much are stem cell injections? The cost can vary, but is usually around $3,000 to inject one body area and $5000 for two areas. The final cost of the treatments will ultimately be determined by what particular injections are being done. Stem cell therapy and fat grafts are typically not covered by your insurance company.

How do stem cells start? Stem cells start off as a basic, undeveloped cell, that is sent to an area in need of new material. Once there, stem cells become the required cell to ensure proper organ or tissue function. Stem cells can become muscle cells, skin cells, blood cells, brain cells, or more. Because of this unique transformative ability, stem cells possess unparalleled healing capabilities.

The body naturally wears itself down from daily activity and from experiencing various damages and illnesses. Over time, these maladies pile up and impair function or lead to a lower quality of life. Ingesting or absorbing stem cell supplements can lessen these effects and improve many aspects of living.

How do stem cells affect gene expression? Stem cell supplements can favorably alter gene expression, lowering the possibility of cells replicating in error. In addition, stem cell supplements can also help your stem cells replicate more frequently which can lead to a better aging process, and a better quality of life.

How does vitamin D support stem cells? Vitamin D can help and maybe even reverse persons suffering from multiple sclerosis – an incurable autoimmune disease that damages the ability of nerve cells to conduct signals from one place to another.  While this is not technically curing multiple sclerosis, vitamin D offers persons suffering from multiple sclerosis a fighting chance, possibly extending their lifespan.

Can stem cell supplements improve brain function? Yes, certain stem cell supplements, like blueberry, vitamin D and carnosine may improve brain function by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines. It my also help lower the risk of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases in the future. Stem cells supplements can also improve cognitive and memory function, likely due to an increase in overall healthy brain cells.

Do stem cell supplements improve athletic performance? Yes, stem cell supplements may improve energy, endurance and recovery – leading to better athletic performance. This is especially important for older adults, who’s bodies have a more difficult time recovering.  

Can stem cell supplements help with illness? Yes, stem cells can help a person get over a cold faster. Because stem cells are responsible for physical repair, having extra cells may lead to quicker overall recovery time. 

Can stem cell supplements help with injury recovery? While certain major injuries have a tendency to cause permanent damage or lower function depending on injury location, excess stem cells, bolstered by a good nutritional environment, may result in near-perfect healing of the wounded area. 

Can stem cell supplements delay aging? Yes, stem cells supplements may delay the onset of aging, fighting off wrinkles as well as disease. 

Do stem cell supplements help with weight management? Yes stem cells supplements can help with weight management by maintaining a healthy body and keeping it in homeostasis. Furthermore stem cells’ ability to improve muscle growth will allow for easier exercise improvements and consistency.

Are stem cell supplements bad for you liver? Some ingredients found in stem cell supplements, like blue-green algae may contain contaminants like harmful bacteria, certain toxic metals, or microcystins, that can be harmful to your liver. Children and pregnant women should not take stem cell supplements in any form but especially those which contain blue-green algae. 

Do stem cell supplements cause IBS issues? It is possible that stem cell supplements cause IBS like symptoms, but unlikely. The more likely culprit causing issues, would be blue-green algae, that can cause IBS issues, among other things like vomiting rapid heartbeat and liver damage. 


Stem cell supplements can be effective and enhancements for bodily health overall function. They can improve the quality of life of people who are not yet suffering from any chronic disease or injury by can be of great benefit to those who are.

Stem cells are improved by supplements, which create a better organic environment for stem cells to thrive and divide properly. Better stem cell division and activity results in faster healing times, greater cognitive function and memory, and better energy levels.

Boosting stem cell effectiveness and activity is also positively correlated with a reduction in the side effects of aging or elongation of the prime years of one’s life. Aging can be effectively delayed by improving stem cells in the body, and possible illnesses that may be incurred during normal aging can be halted or eliminated as a result. Stem cells can be ingested via tablet or capsule, or they can be absorbed through the skin via a spray.

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